Fact Sheets

"The Law"

Answering the basic questions on the New Zealand law for Abortion.

"Q&A: Breast Cancer and Abortion"

If I have an abortion, will it put me at risk of getting breast cancer?

"Q&A: Abortion to Save Lives"

Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman or girl?

ALRANZ's Submission to the Law Commission

Read ALRANZ’s submission to the Law Commission on abortion law reform.

"Q&A: Privacy for Pregnant Teenagers"

Do young girls need to tell their parents that they want to get an abortion?

"Q&A: Post-Abortion Syndrome"

Does abortion cause “post-abortion syndrome”?

"16 Reasons to Change New Zealand's Abortion Laws"

16 simple reasons.

Dame Margaret Sparrow's Submission to the Law Commission

Read Dame Margaret Sparrow’s submission to the Law Commission on abortion law reform.

"Q&A: Reducing Abortion by Restricting Access"

Does making abortions harder to get result in fewer abortions?

"Q&A: Abortion and Emergency Contraception"

If I use the emergency contraception pill (“the morning after pill”) will it cause me to have an abortion?

"Q&A: Abortion as Birth Control"

Do women use abortion as birth control?

"New Zealand Abortion Rights Timeline"

Timeline of events from our history.

"Q&A: Abortion Risks Compared with Pregnancy"

Is pregnancy safer than abortion?

"Facts and Figures on Abortion"

Simple facts and figures to learn and use in discussions on Abortion in New Zealand.

"The Fragility of de facto Abortion on Demand"

How we got to this absurd legal regime, and what it means.

ALRANZ's Submission to the Abortion Legislation Bill Select Committee

We said it, and we meant it.