Fact Sheets

%22The Law%22

Answering the basic questions on the New Zealand law for Abortion.

%22Q&A: Breast Cancer and Abortion%22

If I have an abortion, will it put me at risk of getting breast cancer?

%22Q&A: Abortion to Save Lives%22

Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman or girl?

%22Q&A: Privacy for Pregnant Teenagers%22

Do young girls need to tell their parents that they want to get an abortion?

%22Q&A: Post-Abortion Syndrome%22

Does abortion cause “post-abortion syndrome”?

%2216 Reasons to Change New Zealand's Abortion Laws%22

16 simple reasons.

%22Q&A: Reducing Abortion by Restricting Access%22

Does making abortions harder to get result in fewer abortions?

%22Q&A: Abortion and Emergency Contraception%22

If I use the emergency contraception pill (“the morning after pill”) will it cause me to have an abortion?

%22Q&A: Abortion as Birth Control%22

Do women use abortion as birth control?

%22Q&A: Abortion Risks Compared with Pregnancy%22

Is pregnancy safer than abortion?

%22Facts and Figures on Abortion%22

Simple facts and figures to learn and use in discussions on Abortion in New Zealand.

%22The Fragility of de facto Abortion on Demand%22

How we got to this absurd legal regime, and what it means.