Make Your Submission to the Select Committee
by 19 September 2019!

If you do nothing else for the reproductive rights of everyone with a uterus this year, make sure you do this!

This is how we create the change we want to see!

Making a submission to the select committee is easy! Just follow the steps at this link. Tell the select committee how you feel about abortion being in the Crimes Act (in 2019!). Tell them what you like about the Abortion Legislation Bill (self-referral? no certifying consultants?). Tell them what could be better (lose the gestation limits?). 

If someone wants to cut and paste from your submission, resist the temptation! Better if they just sign on to your submission.

Remember: everything in the body of your submission is public, so don’t put your contact details there.

Thanks for making a submission!

Make your submission here!