Help! I’m Pregnant –

What Now?

1. Confirm Your Pregnancy

You can use a pregnancy test from the supermarket.
The test will be repeated at the first appointment. 


2. If You Wish to Talk to an Unbiased Counsellor

Call Family Planning and ask them to refer you to a counsellor.

If you look for a counsellor by Googling, you might call a number or visit a place expecting unbiased counselling, and discover too late that they are trying to talk you out of an abortion. Remember, they cannot keep you on the phone or in the office. You might have to be impolite, but you can leave whenever you want. And really, if they tricked you into their office by pretending to be unbiased, you do not owe them politeness.

Keep your cell phone handy, and if they try to stop you, remind them that false imprisonment is illegal and you are ready to call the police. If they tell you you are going to hell, remember, they are trying to sell you something, namely motherhood. They will say anything to get you to buy. To leave safely, you can promise them anything and renege, because promises made under duress are not promises at all.

Check this page for places and hotlines people have reported as anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centres


3. If You Wish to Terminate the Pregnancy

If you are

eligible for funded health care in New Zealand


Check out for information about abortion access in your region.

You can call you closest abortion service or your DHB directly – you don’t have to see your doctor (or any doctor) first.

Services are free of charge for those entitled to New Zealand subsidised health care.

Right now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine care is available. The abortion service can organise an early medical abortion over the phone.

If you are not

eligible for funded health care in New Zealand


You can take the same pathway, but you will have to pay as you go. Or, you can visit a private clinic. 

If you cannot afford an abortion, you can visit or here or here. These sites provide the drugs for medical abortions.

If you access pills from these sites, the worst case scenario is probably that Customs finds the pills and confiscates them.

If you take the pills and police prosecute you, you may get a $200 fine. If you are prosecuted, it may well be a human rights violation. Please contact us.

If you take the pills and run into difficulties, you can seek advice from abortion providers, Family Planning Clinics, and Healthline. Advice given over the telephone is free.

If you go to hospital with excessive bleeding you can always tell them you are miscarrying spontaneously. There is no medical difference between a medical abortion and a spontaneous abortion. You may be charged for the hospital visit.