In response to this piece in local Invercargill paper The Eye, there have been a number of anti-choice letters to the editor. If you would like to write your own letter to the editor, you can email letters to Letters must be no longer than 150 words, and you must supply your address and daytime phone number.

Thank you for your newspaper. I enjoy reading your articles and appreciate your in-touch approach to our community.
I work as a nurse at Southland Hospital’s surgical ward. The founding ethic of the nursing profession is a duty of care, promoting health and wellbeing of people of all ages and stages of life.
The killing of unborn babies is absolutely contrary to what the nursing profession stands for. I consider that supportive care of the unborn, and both the mother and father of that baby, is paramount and that other options, for example adoption, be promoted.
Linda Beebe

Firstly, thank you for the article you wrote in the Eye on June 14. It was a fair and accurate account of our discussion.
Secondly, may I comment that I am obviously against the proposal because it will introduce a service which will be harmful to the unborn, harmful to women, and harmful to the hospital and community.
Thirdly, could you please add the opinion of my wife Dr Diana MacLean, who also opposes the performance of abortion at Kew because each abortion destroys an innocent unborn human being.
Norman MacLean

I would like to express my opposition to an abortion service being provided at Southland Hospital.
Margaret Herud

I am writing to express my concern and opposition to any proposed abortion service for Southland.
I believe that our hospital must be associated with protecting life, especially our most vulnerable unborn Southlanders.
Donna M Vincent

The Southern District Health Board does not appear to be heeding the wishes of the people. The people do not want deliberate death being administered at our hospital for mental health reasons, when those reasons are clearly not based on genuine beliefs of the certifying consultants concerned. If these consultants really had the interests of the women at heart they would not add more problems on to them when there are a lot better alternatives.

Liberal abortion like we now have does nothing for the otherwise healthy baby, or the long term good of the mother.

It is clear that the people of Southland are against the establishment of an abortion clinic at Southland Hospital.
I would like to know who exactly are the persons pushing this proposal when so many are against it.
Chris O’Brien

I am opposed to the plan for abortion services in Southland Hospital.
Alison Loan

I am opposed to abortion. Also, are there not families who are only too happy to adopt these little ones? We hear very little about adoption. My husband and I adopted two babies, and two sisters adopted three and one respectively. Our lives were truly blessed. Another sister and daughter let their babies be adopted. They were blessed to know that their babies were being loved.
Lesley Uren

(Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand executive member) Alison McCulloch has said that the introduction of abortion services will “lower the stress levels” of mothers travelling to Dunedin to get a termination. What about the stress levels of mothers going for their checkups and giving birth at Southland Hospital? I can tell you, mine would be soaring when you consider the specialist providing their opinion or care on your living child may also be providing an opinion for the end of another infant of the same age. It will inevitably cause further stress on employees in Southland Hospital, creating tensions between staff. It will change forever the friendly family atmosphere that I loved and trusted when I gave birth to my son there last year. If it goes ahead I guess Southland loses a safe and trustworthy place to give birth
Rebecca Mendes da Silva (Bluff)

I am opposed to the abortion services proposed for Kew Hospital. We have two beautiful adopted children and one naturally born to us. Life is too precious for us to disregard just for our own convenience.
Dean Scott