Flowers for Abortion Providers!

Flowers for Abortion Providers!

Once again, it’s almost time for the annual #40daysofharassment (AKA 40daysforlife). Safe areas did not make it into the abortion law reform legislation last year. So even though abortion is legal now, harassment of patients and providers continues.

Abortion providers work under stressful conditions, often harassed both outside and inside the hospital by both extreme religious busybodies and other workers who do not agree pregnant people should be able to make medical decisions. This season is a good time to remind them how much we appreciate them.

Once again, ALRANZ has started a Givealittle page to fund the gift of beautiful flowers for as many services as we can, starting with the ones that provided the most abortions in the past year. Check out the gorgeous pics from last year – thanks to your generous donations we got flowers for everybody! Let’s do that again!

Click here to contribute to our Givealittle page. And thank you for your support all year round!

Stand with Abortion Providers in 2019

Stand with Abortion Providers in 2019

Providing abortion care is not for the faint of heart. 

Every day, abortion providers work to ensure people are not forced to carry unwanted pregnancies, delivering abortion care with empathy and compassion. For this, anti-abortion activists target them for harassment, along with the people they care for.

Every year, during the 40 days before Easter it gets much worse.

So every year, we remind abortion providers how much we value their courage and commitment by standing with them, thanking them, and showing them some appreciation in the form of treats that everybody likes – like flowers and candy. Last year, thanks to the generosity of wonderful Kiwis like you, we were able to give treats to every service in New Zealand.

Let’s do it again this year!

We have started a Givealittle page so that you can contribute to making abortion providers feel valued and supported, as they deserve. 

The money will be used to buy flowers, candy, and other treats for as many abortion providers as we can, starting with the larger services.

Thanks for your support!

Your friends at ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa

ALRANZ Fundraiser for abortion providers

ALRANZ Fundraiser for abortion providers

*For donations for treats for AMAC, please head to*

We aim to raise money to send flowers and messages of support to the three clinics currently being targeted by the anti-choice campaign ’40 Days’. For background and more details, please read on.

Click here to donate.


This year’s ’40 Days for Life’ campaign against abortion services runs from 1 March – 9 April, and targets providers in Tamaki Makaurau (AMAC in Auckland), Te Whanganui a Tara (Wellington Hospital in Wellington) and Otautahi (Christchurch Hospital in Christchurch). Anti-choicers will be protesting at these sites, and pro-choice advocates are also organising some counter-protests.

If you can’t be present at a counter-protest, or want another way to show your support for abortion providers, and for the rights of people to access abortion care free of harassment, you can do so via this cause.


Funds raised will be used to present a gift to the staff of the clinics which are being targeted by harassment. Most likely a big bunch of flowers and some sweet treats! We want to balance out the vitriol and stigma perpetrated by the anti-choice ’40 Days’ campaign.

You can add a message with your donation that will be passed along to the clinic or provider.

Anything over $300 will go toward sending support to other clinics and providers in Aotearoa New Zealand, starting in the south at the Waihopai/Invercargill service, and moving north as funds allow.

Film fundraiser fun!

If you are in Wellington, you should definitely come along to our movie fundraiser next month. Watch a documentary about a fascinating woman and support abortion law reform at the same time. What else would you rather be doing instead, really?


What’s the film? Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, the well-reviewed documentary about Diana Vreeland, self-made titan of the fashion world. (See links below for more info.)

When? Sunday 11 November from 5 p.m. (movie starts at 5:30)

Where? Penthouse Cinema, 205 Ohiro Road, Brooklyn, Wellington

How much? $25 waged, $15 unwaged

You can secure your tickets by making a deposit to ALRANZ account 02-0534-0128842-00 with the reference MOVIE.

Email for more information.

Facebook Event 
Official movie site 
NYT review
Movie trailer

Review snippet:

While you’re watching the dizzily enjoyable documentary “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel” you may find yourself thinking with an increasing fervor that, yes, wearing violet velvet mittens with everything is a fantastic idea, and that you’re just mad about rouge. Vreeland, a doyenne of 20th-century fashion and a paradigmatic self-made woman, had a genius for the inspirational, the gnomic and the divinely quotable. Atwitter before Twitter, she was a fabulous wit who brings to mind Wilde and Warhol even while being inimitably Vreelandesque: “The best thing about London is Paris.” “Fashion is not the same thing as style.” “I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” — Manohla Dargis, New York Times