It’s here again.

I don’t know why, but I’m always surprised when Lent comes around, like it does every year.

With Lent, comes the annual international annoyance known as 40 Days for Life. Because 40 Days for Slut Shaming wouldn’t sound nearly so high-minded.

As usual, patients outside abortion services in New Zealand will be treated to lots of judgmental people with grisly signs touting false claims about abortion causing breast cancer and suicidal ideation.

Abortion providers must dread these six weeks.

ALRANZ will mark the occasion by again sponsoring #40daysfortruth. Each day we will post and tweet an actual, true fact about abortion, to counter the lies and misinformation you often hear. Check it out!

We have also set up a Givealittle page, to raise money to give treats, like flowers and chocolates, to abortion providers around the country. We will start with the big providers and move on to smaller ones as funds permit, and keep giving until we run out of money. Please help us support them!

Keep an eye out for counter protests at the abortion service near you. We’ll be out in front of Wellington Hospital whenever we can, and our friends in Auckland will be out there on the regular, too. Come join us, it’s fun!

Thank you for your support, now and throughout the year.