Nobody should be denied the right to make informed choices about our health, our bodies, and how we plan our families, but in New Zealand, abortion continues to remain a criminal offence. Under our current law, we need two doctors to verify that continuing a pregnancy would be harmful to our health or mental health in order to be granted an abortion. These hurdles cause unnecessary stress and frustration for countless women and people seeking to end their pregnancy.

Unplanned pregnancies can result in job losses, exclusion from work and educational institutions, financial strain, and judgement from the community and family. The expectation to make these sacrifices, carry a pregnancy to term, and take on more duties as a parent, falls primarily on women.

The stigma towards abortion and discrimination against people with unplanned pregnancies cannot end while abortion remains in the Crimes Act. Access to abortion must not rely on our capacity to jump through hoops or lie about or health. Doctors and governments do not have the right to control our bodies – only we do!

On the 5th of December, we will march from Frank Kitts Park to Parliament. Join us as we stand before Parliament to demand abortion be removed from the Crimes Act, and demand free, safe, widely-accessible, publicly funded access to abortions for all who need them.

Confirmed speakers:
Jan Logie.
Terry Bellamak.
Catherine Healy.
Sue Bradford.

Confirmed Musical Acts:
Siobhan Leilani – NahBo

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Bigotry of any kind including transphobia, racism, homophobia, and ableism will not be condoned in this event page or at the march.