Who Signed our Open Letter?

We, the undersigned individuals and civil society organisations, oppose the threat to United States citizens’ fundamental civil and human rights posed by politically motivated justices of the United States Supreme Court supporting the severe and unreasonable curtailment of access to abortion services. 


That this could occur in the world’s first constitutional democracy, to which many fair-minded nations have looked long for inspiration is staggering. We ask the United States, which has long held itself as a beacon of democracy, to reverse this alarming course of action.

We are fully aware of the stakes, having recently completed a successful abortion legislation reform process in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are extremely concerned about the potential adverse consequences for individuals and society that would ensue as a result of limiting access to abortion, including poor health, educational, psychological, social, and financial outcomes. Curtailing access to safe, legal abortion makes no legal or public health sense, as a massive and growing body of evidence has shown. 

In pursuing this line of action, the United States Supreme Court shows little regard for the lives and well-being of pregnant individuals and wider society. Moreover, the damage and disadvantage occasioned by the illegitimate ruling we anticipate will fall harder on black, brown, and indigenous people, and those from socially marginalised groups who already struggle to access reproductive healthcare, including abortion. We anticipate with dismay that this assault on reproductive rights also signals revived attacks on the reproductive and civil rights of LGBTQI+ people.

We call upon the United States government to protect the fundamental right to bodily autonomy by allowing people to end a pregnancy if they so wish. In addition, we call upon the United States government to take any or all of the following actions:

  • Reintroduce and pass the Women’s Health Protection Bill.
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Establish and equip clinics to provide abortion services in government facilities in states where abortion is difficult to access.
  • Make medical abortions available nationwide through the US mail.
  • Sue states attempting to implement laws preventing people from leaving the state for abortion care, including those that establish enforcement mechanisms via civil suits brought by private citizens.

We urge the United States government to draw a line in the sand and to speak out loudly in defense of the rights of all communities now under threat.

We call upon the government of Aotearoa New Zealand, to join us in condemning this attack on fundamental human rights.

Organisation Signatures

Abortion Providers Group of Aotearoa New Zealand
Action Station
ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa
Amapur Consulting
Auckland Feminist Action
Auckland Women’s Centre
Boldly She
BoomerMax Ltd
Dripple Productions
Epiffani Space Ltd
Family Planning Northern Territory Australia
Froth Technologies
Germinate Aotearoa
Kia Haumaru – Personal Safety Education
Kura Rēhia
Life Journey Limited
Maternity Services Consumer Council
Motueka Family Service Centre
Navigate Compliance Ltd
Nivara Lounge
Nous Teaching and Tutoring
Outlet Camp Wānaka
Rachel Upston Counselling Ltd
School of Population Health, University of Auckland
Sexual Assault Forensic Service (Tu Pakari Ora) Wellington
Sweet Health and Fitness
Tāmaki Anti-Fascist Action
Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one Palmerston North Women’s Health Collective
Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau
Te Puna Waiora Health
Terra Verda
The Period Place
The Weaving House
University of Auckland Campus Feminist Collective
Weave Counselling
Whanganui Progressive Activists
Whangarei Youth Space
Whānui Moves
Women’s Health Action
Young Greens of Aotearoa New Zealand

Individual Signatures

A Fisher
Aaron C
Aaron Chang
Abbie Read
Abigail Harris
Adelaide Brown
Adrienne Potts
Agnes Szabo
Aidan McDonald
Ailish Leydon-Lyons
Aimee Houston
Aimee Vickers
Áine Kelly-Costello
Airini Beautrais
Alane Goding
Alarna Sharratt
Alec Tucker
Aleisha Amohia
Alex Anderson
Alexander Garside
Alexander Heyes
Alexandra Gibson
Alfonso Flores
Alice Munro
Alice Shopland
Alisa Stewert
Alison Grant
Alison Green
Alison Rutherford
Alison Walls
Allan Moyle
Ally Clover
Alma De Anda
Alyssa Parks
Amanda Brayham
Amanda Crawford
Amanda Domney
Amanda Evans
Amanda Hislop
Amanda Pullen
Amanda Richards
Amanda Wills
Amber Rhodes
Amelia Wilkins
Amelia Woods
Amera Morrigan
Amy Bird
Amy Clarke
Amy Dowdle
Amy Pearl
Amy Tootell
Amy Watson
Ana-Louise Kepka
Andrea LaMarre
Andrea McMahon
Andrew Robertson
Andy Langley
Andy Williams
Angelique Meyer
Angus Bolton
Anita Aislabie
Anji Piper-Beckett
Ann Hidvegi
Anna Bensky
Anna Boulton
Anna Dobson
Anna Golden
Anna Hudspith
Anna Hulme
Anna MacDonald
Anna Pillay
Anna Revell
Anna Rogers
Anna Witten
Anna-mareia Hammond
Annabel Snow
Anne Bieleski
Anne Prescott
Anneka Spice
Anneke Smitheram
Annemarie Gibbs
Annette Baxendell
Anthea Digby-Smith
Arama Rata
Arlene Huggard
Arthel Banog
Asher Wilson-Goldman
Ashleigh Corkill
Ashley Brown
Astrid Crosland
Barb Penny
Barbara Lusk
Barbara Mavor
Barbara Miller
Barbara Nitis
Barry White
Beaulah Pragg
Becca Ross
Belinda Sharp
Bell Murphy
Belle Gwilliam
Ben Cragg
Benjamin Patrick Lord
Benjamin White
Bennett Row
Bernice Williams
Beth Henderson
Bev Smith
Beverley Sherratt
Bianca Moffitt
Blake Henderson
Blake Willis
Brenda Hinton
Brendan Brown
Brendon Amundsen
Brent Barrett
Brent Phillips
Brett Clacher
Brett McAlpine
Briana Valgre
Briar Drummond
Bridget Cassie
Bridget Forsyth
Bridget MacMurray
Brit Chreptyk
Brita Theewis
Bronwen Beechey
Bronwyn Drysdale
Bronwyn Presland
Bruce White
Bryony Church
Caitlin Bannan
Caitlin Duncan
Caitlin Firkin
Caitlin MacRae
Caitlin Reid
Caitlin Sinclair
Callie Upton
Callum Urquhart
Cameron Brown
Canela Ferrara
Carla O’Boyle
Carmina Gaia
Caro Robertson
Carol Blair
Carole Shepheard
Carolyn Pape
Carrie Lagerstedt
Carrie McColl
Caryn Tasker
Cassandra Bahr
Cath Milio
Cath Slee Davidson
Catherine Costello
Catherine Hart
Catherine Powell
Catherine Wishart
Cathy O’Callaghan
Catrina Hunter
Catriona Veen
Cecilia Curry
Chad Benham
Chandravali Palmer
Chanelle Kirker
Channa Knuckey
Chantoya Isaksson
Charlotte Cudmore
Charlotte Daellenbach
Cherry Park
Cheryll Robinson
Chinwe Akomah
Chloe Banks
Chloe Stortz
Chris Cassels
Chris King
Chris Matthews
Chris Schraders
Chris Shannahan
Christina Lynch
Christina Robertson
Christine Blance
Christine Diggins
Christine Hickey
Christine Nicholls
Christy Hitchman
Ciara Mitchell
Ciska Vogelzang
Claire Coveney
Claire Cutler
Clare Bardsley
Clare Browne
Clare Nixon
Clare Robinson
Clare Wall
Coco Campbell
Cody Drysdale
Colleen Moloney
Conor Twyford
Coralie O’Hara
Cordelia Lockett
Cornelia Baumgartner
Courtney Shorter
Craig Young
Cyndi Miller
Daisy Bisset
Dan Sharpe
Dana King
Danae Anderson
Daniel Cornwall
Danielle Eastabrook
Danielle Gardner
Danielle Jaskowski
Danielle Lucas
Danielle Wilkenson
Danika Revell
Danni Cuthbertson
Darryn Woods
Dave Currie
David Crawford
David Gurr
David Ireland
David Pate
David Shannon
David Turnbull
Daygan Eagar
Debbie Hager
Debbie Matthews
Deborah Jones
Dee Morgan
Delphine Grundy
Demelza Hoogeveen
Denise Lytle
Denny-Marie Ford
Desmond Smith
Devon Curtz
Diane Young
Diane Youthed
Donald Shand
Donna Eden
Dorothy Wilson
Dylan Booker
E L Atkinson
Eamon Lyons
Ed Hyde
Eden Davey
Eden Gray
Eileen Brown
Eileen Kaveney
Elaine Donovan
Eliana Darroch
Elise Webster
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Kim
Elizabeth Kinney
Elizabeth Mandeno
Elizabeth O’Loughlin
Ella Milne-Williams
Ella Shepherd
Ellen Blake
Ellen Edmonds
Ellen Lellman
Ellen Richardson
Ellery Daines
Ellie Stringer
Elspeth Sandys
Emilie Joyal
Emily Ansell
Emily Irwin
Emily Pearce
Emily Streat
Emma Ballara
Emma Barnes
Emma Bossley
Emma Gough
Emma Palmer
Emma Vitz
Ensai August
Erika Ludwig
Erin Morrison
Erin Olsen
Erina Papp
Esther Praill
Eva Neely
Evelyn Fletcher Jenkins
Evelyn Vallillee
Felicity Evans
Felicity Murray
Femke Meinderts
Fern O’Hagan
Fiona Archer
Fiona Fox
Fiona Hermann
Fiona Hutton
Fiona Standen
Fiona Temple
Fiona Tyson
Fleur Fitzsimons
Fleur Kelsey
Fran Hazid
Frances Anderson
Frances Bell
Frances Tennent-Brown
Frank Dungey
Fredrik Moell
G F Skinner
Gabby Morris
Gabriella Foreman
Gabrielle Bush
Gail Aiken
Gareth Rego
Garth Baker
Gemma Browne
Gemma Gould
Genevieve de Pont
George Banach-Salas
George McKenzie
Georgia Harris
Georgia Richmond
Georgie Lavery
Georgie Riddiford
Georgina Lewis
Georgina Pauling
Geraint Scott
Gerry Henley
Gillian Upchurch
Gina Dao-McClay
Giovanni Tiso
Glenys Holden
Grace Dobbyn
Grace Fox
Grace Millar
Gregory Ball
Griffa Rivers
Gwen Austin
Haden Hansen
Hamish Petersen
Hannah Cook
Hannah Davis
Hannah Hurst
Hannah Russell
Hannah Sheehan
Harold Merriman
Harriet Margolis
Harriet Pudney
Hayden McLeod
Hayley Ayto
Hayley Brandon
Hayley Lodge
Hayley Phillips
Heidi Thomson
Helen Brasier
Helen Clayson
Helen Jamieson
Helen Malson
Helen Mitchell
Dr Helen Paterson
Helen Wilton
Helena McAnally
Heleyni Pratley
Henrietta McNeill
Hera M
Hilary Lumb
Hilda Daw
Hilde Krollmann
Holly Adams
Imogen Bunting
Imogen Macalister
Irene Coleman
Isabel Hitchings
Isabella Johnson
Isis MacKay
Ivan Muir
Izzy Montague
Jackie Spellman
Jackie Van Beek
Jaclyn Jeffries
Jacqueline Bennetts
Jacqueline Cavanagh
Jacqui Fraser
Jade LeGrice
Jaime Lewis
Jaime Mitchinson
James Aubrey
James Cook
Jan Johnstone
Jan Logie MP
Jane Burke
Jane Dawson
Jane Edmed
Jane Hanley
Jane Le Compte
Jane Little
Jane Owen
Jane Wrightson
Dr Janet Downs
Janet Greig
Janet Mahoney
Jasmine Clancy
Jasmine Couch
Jaspi Hill
Jean Lyle
Jeff Constable
Jeff Rowe
Jen Linney
Jenna Buchanan
Jennie Hatherley
Jennie Sheffield
Jennifer Belworthy
Jennifer Blasingame
Jennifer Craig
Jennifer Hand
Jennifer Merton
Jennifer Syph
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Jenny Easton
Jenny Small
Jenny Weston
Jenny Wollerman
Jeremy Conn
Jess Connors
Jess Parsons
Jess Tebbs
Jessica Baker
Jessica Colvin
Jessica Ducey
Jessica Hallowes
Jessica Hammond
Jessica Larking
Jessica Macauley
Jessica Rose
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Young
Jevon Wright
Jill Hayhurst
Jill Reading
Jill Ridgewell
Jill Starr
Jill Tuwhare
Jillian Penn
Jo Ngahau
Jo Paterson
Jo Thompson
Jo Wright
Jo Wrigley
Joanna Beresford
Joanna Michaels
Joanna Pearce
Joanna Wernham
Joanne Looyen
Joanne Neilson
Jocelyn Henderson
Jodi Matenga
Johanna Hobo-Tuck
Johanna Moss
John Rawls
Jonathan Lane
Joseph Tiso
Josephine Drysdall
Joshua Thomas
Josie Bidwill
Josie Heenan
Josie Olsen
Joy Thorp
Jude Anderson
Jude Rogers
Judith Vickerman
Julia Carey
Julia Melville
Julia Priest
Julie MacKinnon
Julie Park
Julie Schooler
Julieanna Preston
Justine Solomon
Kaite Pittuck
Kara Reid
Karen Humphries-Waa
Karen Jones
Karen McNair
Karen Roberts
Karen Swainson
Karin Turnage
Karina Thorpe
Karlene O’Halloran
Kat Ashmead
Katarina Cattermole
Kate Appleton
Kate Butterworth
Kate Crompton
Kate Gendall
Kate Seddon
Kath Boswell
Kath Hamilton
Katherine Bryson
Katherine McRae
Katherine Robinson
Katherine Rogers
Katherine Rose
Katherine Tyson
Katherine Wells
Kathleen Kerr
Kathleen O’Connor
Kathryn Collyns
Kathy Errington
Kathy Freeman
Kathy Hertzog
Katia De Lu
Katie Ayre
Katie Brown
Katie Bulkley
Katie Lavers
Katie Shillito
Keely O’Carroll
Keith Gerritsen
Kelly Clow
Kerri Perwick
Kim Lund
Kim Rooke
Kim Shephard-Thorn
Kimberly Ogier
Kirsten McLaren
Kirsty Fyfe
Kirsty McCully
Kora Deverick
Kovacs Maria
Kristen Paterson
Kristie Agnew
Kristy Haslam
Kylie Connell
Kylie Fraser
Kylie Matthews
Laila Harre
Lalita Heymanns
Lana Brannigan
Lara Gempton
Laura Dunham
Laura Keddell
Laura Peters
Laura Young
Lauren Jack
Laurence Pastor-Pasi
Laurette Madden
Laurie Winkless
Lawson Kelly
Leah Bell
Leah Hay
Leanne Grinder
Leila Boyle
Leonie Morris
Lesley Pitt
Lesley Potgieter
Leslie Turner
Lhizz Browne
Liam Johnston
Libby Smales
Lily Chen
Lily Pila
Lily Trevelyan
Lina Nicholson
Linda Aitchison
Linda Crawford
Linda Kennington
Lindsay Gregory
Lindsay Tallott
Lindsey Britton
Ling Chan
Lisa Bourne
Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Ferguson
Lisa Gant
Lisa Lawrence
Lisa Tong
Lisa Towey
Liz Corlett
Lizzie Callaghan
Lizzie Varley
Lois Turner
Lora Hagemann
Loren Barnes
Lorraine Johns
Lorri Mackness
Louisa Caro
Louise Billinghurst
Lucille Hayes
Lucy Fulford
Lucy Gordon
Lucy Kebbell
Lucy Ruck
Luke Jones
Lydia Stott
Lyn Bergquist
Lyn Shave
Lynda Angus
Lynn Vare
Lynne Briggs
Maari Grey
Maddy Schafer
Madeleine Gould
Madeleine Taylor-Jeffs
Madison Douglas-Bell
Madison Ingram
Madison Raiti-Young
Maebh Long
Magenta Mudgway
Maggie Behrend
Maggie Muir
Maida Vincent
Malcolm Fletcher
Mandy Hagar
Mara B
Marcel Peek
Marcelle Nader-Turner
Maree Martinussen
Margaret Bahr
Margaret Joppa
Dame Margaret Sparrow
Margaret Williams
Margot Burgess
Maria Angus
Maria Buhrkuhl
Maria van Dingenen
Maria Viscardi
Mariam Salie
Marian Anderson
Marian Cadman
Marie Deonarain
Marie Watson
Marina Pukeroa
Mark Smith
Martin Child
Mary Carr
Mary Curry
Mary Krayecki
Mary Lynn Cox
Mary Rinaldi
Mary Stevens
Mary-Anne Gawne
MaryRose Painter
Matthew Baird
Matthew Cavanagh
Maureen Ned
Meg Arnett
Megan Beard
Megan Crocket
Megan Jansen
Megan Jeffries
Megan Queree
Megan Robertson
Megan Salole
Megan Stace-Davies
Megan Thixton
Mel Hart
Melissa Atkins
Melissa Smith
Melita Busch
Meredith McGrath
Merril Campbell
Mette Mikkelsen
Mica Still
Michael Drew
Michael Gray
Michael Orton
Michael Pye
Michelle Oledan Ferns
Michelle Szechet
Michelle Woolley
Miek Deuninck
Mike Bailey
Mike Bennett
Mike Gauland
Mike Kilpatrick
Mike O’Sullivan
Miranda Koster
Miranda Welch
Miriam Cleary
Miriam Frances
Molly Sutton
Morgan Weatherington
Morris Cassie
Mythily Chand
Nadia Levy
Nancy McGeorge
Nancy Neuse
Naomi Azoulay
Naomi Smith
Nat Baker
Natalie Farell
Natalie Wright
Natasha Hopkins
Natasha Schofield
Nathan Griffiths
Nathaniel Lorimer
Neha Patel
Ngahuia Jacobs
Ngaio Beausoleil
Nicholas Ward
Nick Gastrell
Nicky Geddes
Nicky Hollings
Nicky Treadwell
Nicola Daggar
Nicola Dick
Nicola Gaston
Nicola Owen
Nicola Powell
Nicola Spring
Nicole Baxter
Nicole Gardner
Nicole Skews-Poole
Nicole Stanton
Nicolette Hansen
Nicolette Hurnen
Nikki Kells
Norm Murray
Oliver Krollmann
Oliver Wilson
Olivia Boyd
Olivia Hynds
Olivia Reid
Ori Atkins
Orma Bradfield
Owen Lauren
Owen Vickers
P Graham
Paige Olsen
Papillon Gustafson
Parris Franklin
Parris Theobald
Paul Brown
Paula Tarrant
Paulien Fa’atafa
Peggy Kelly
Penny Ashbrook
Penny Kagan
Peter Ashford
Peter Byrne
Peter Holman
Peter Tapuikore
Phil Constable
Phil Garnock-Jones
Phil Williscroft
Philippa Jackson
Phillip McIlhagga
Pip Beets
Pip Niehorster
Polly Genet
Polly Hart
Poppy deRidder
Prue Stringer
Rachael Bailey
Rachel Downey
Rachel Fox
Rachel Kent
Rachel Meadowcroft
Rachel Rix-Trott
Rachel Rolleston
Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann
Rachel Ryburn
Rachel Sugrue
Rachel Wightman
Rae Nel
Raj Patel
Randolph Hollingsworth PhD
Rebecca Alexander
Rebecca Bonham-Carter
Rebecca Diana
Rebecca Hayston
Rebecca Matthews
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca O’Shaughnessy
Rebecca Quilliam
Rebecca South
Rebeka Martinka
Rebekah Blair
Rebekah Jaung
Rebekah Wilson
Rebekah Win
Rebekkah Hunter
Renee Sturch
Rhiannon Robertson
Rhona Vickoce
Richard Bradford
Richard Leckinger
Robin Furley
Robin Vant
Robin Williamson
Robyn Dann
Robyn Fisher
Robyn Lambourne
Robyn Parkin
Robyn Raikes
Robyn Tyler
Roger Phillips
Ron Wilson
Ronwyn Allen
Rory Stewart
Rory Stuart
Rosalie Bayley
Rosemary Carter
Rosemary Parcell
Rosie Aldridge
Rosie Remmerswaal
Roslyn Smith
Roxan Coervers
Roxane Lamusse
Roxanne Urwin
Roz Hopkinson
Ruby Gannaway-Gardner
Ruby Miller-Kopelov
Ruby Wilson
Russell Anderson
Russell Fulton
Russell Holder
Russell Timothy
Ruth Dyson
Ruth Heath
Ruth Jackson
Ruth Nicholson
Ruwani Weerasinghe
Ryan Bird
Ryn Quin-Smith
Sabine Mueller
Sabrina Muck
Sacha Malkin
Sallie Pearson
Sally Day
Sam Behrend
Sam Douglas
Sam Dredge
Sam Gribben
Sam Hearps
Sam Hogg
Sam Thompson
Sam Toia
Sam Weir
Samantha Keene
Samantha Krouse
Samantha Scott
Sandi Baxter
Sandra Bowden
Sarah Bichan
Sarah Flynn
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Joyce
Sarah Lang
Sarah Moss
Sarah Nutbrown
Sarah Riley
Sarah Wallace
Scarlett Lauren
Scott Walters
Sean McWilliams
Sean Milne
Seka Jones
Sevennah Sorrell
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Uys
Shanti Freed
Sharon Beattie
Sharon McDougall
Sharon Whiteman
Shaunee Martin
Shelby Burns
Shelley Gairdner
Shelley Simpson
Shona Lindsay
Shona Manchester
Sian Rumble
Sian Thompson
Simon Cooke
Simon Hartman
Simon McNabb
Siobhan Hughes
Slavko Martinov
Sonja Randhawa
Sophie Beaumont
Sophie Hazelhurst
Sophie McInnes
Sophie Speakman
Sophie Standfield
Stacey Meyer
Stacey Taylor
Dr Stancy Anderson
Stanley Layzell
Steph Paterson
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Muller Pallares
Stephanie Rodgers
Stephanie Stoesse
Stephanie Tulloch
Stephen Black
Stephen Dudding
Stephen Easton
Stephen Hill
Steve Bowkett
Steve Cook
Steve Harris
Sue Alpass
Sue Beard-McGlone
Sue Edmonds
Sue Hammond
Sue Oakley
Suman Kapoor
Susan Adams
Susan Arrowsmith
Susan Barker
Susan Hayworth
Susan Helman
Susan Leslie
Susana Delgado
Suzanne Benham
Suzanne Blumsky
Dr Suze Wilson
Suzi Wallis
Sylvia Dew
Sylvia Wesney
Tabby Besley
Tahnee Le Pine
Tamara Henry
Tamara Perich
Tania Jockwer
Tania L
Tania Penaia-Ryan
Tansyn Snowdon
Tanya Didham
Tanya Knighton
Tanya Sosinko
Tara Heta
Tara Shadbolt
Taryn Bloxham
Te Aomarama Anderson
Terry Bellamak
Tessa Hodson
Tessa Wink
Theodore Herring
Theresa Alcock
Theresa Moore
Thomas Press
Tiffany Ackroyd
Tim Jones
Tim Mackay
Tim Raemaekers
Tina George
Tohia Love
Tom Gledhill
Tommy Bullock
Toni Cook
Tracie Almond
Tracie Angell
Dr Tracy Morison
Trevor Landers
Tyler Brooke
Una Dubbelt-Leitch
Ursula Dougherty
Dr Ute Kreplin
Valerie Ussher
Valerie Williams
Vanessa Scholes
Vanessa ten Broeke
Verity Craft
Vicki Bunch
Vickie Chandler
Vicktoria Blake
Victoria Chinn
Victoria Mcintosh
Victoria Quade
Viona Crowly
Virginia Braun
Virginia Young
Walter Evers
Warren Burgess
Warrick Mason
Wayne Facer
Wendy Harper
Wendy White
William Bellamak
Yossarian Fay
Zoe Gower
Zoe Pottinger
Zola Rose

… and 202 others who did not want their names published because abortion care is stigmatised.