A few quick links to start the week with:

The Abortioneers explain why it matters that Apple’s Siri can help you find almost anything you could possibly want, so long as it’s not information about birth control, or an abortion clinic. (Their original post about Siri’s apparent anti-choice bias is here.)

Feminists for Choice report that a group of nurses in New Jersey are refusing to assist with providing pre- and post-operative care for abortion patients, even in emergency situations. Their lawsuit is due to be heard today.

For those of you who like to listen to podcasts, why don’t you check out RealityCast, “a weekly half-hour of news, commentary, homour, interviews and mailbag questions about reproductive health and rights”, presented by Amanda Marcotte from RH Reality Check.

Planned Parenthood NYC have put together a handy guide to discussing reproductive health and justice at the holiday table.

And, closer to home, we LOVE this response to our post about John Banks.