–Originally posted at our old blog, on 3 November 2011–

To those who might that think you are insulting me by calling me pro-abortion instead of pro-choice, let me just tell you that you are not. The term pro-choice is intended to place emphasis on the choice that I believe everyone should have about whether to continue their pregnancy or not. I don’t use pro-choice as a safe, sanitised, more palatable alternative to pro-abortion. I also call myself an abortion rights activist, which means that I campaign for the right for everyone to have access to a legal and safe abortion, should they want one. Everyone should have the right to exercise their choice about whether or not to have an abortion (see how choice and abortion go together so nicely?)

Surely pro-abortion simply means one is in favour of abortion. And that I am. I am sure that some anti-choicers would misrepresent this as meaning that I spend my time actively encouraging everyone to have an abortion whether they want one or not. But anyone with a shred of intelligence should surely be able to see that is not what I mean. What it does mean is that I support abortion as an option for anyone for whatever reason. I try really hard not to get into arguments that fall back on, ‘What about in the case of rape?’ or, ‘What about to save the mother?’ It’s not that I don’t think that these are clearly situations in which any feeling person should understand the decision to have an abortion. It’s just that I don’t think any reason is more valid than another. I really don’t. So yes, clearly I am pro-abortion. Anyone who wants an abortion should be able to access one easily. For whatever reason. So go ahead and call me pro-abortion. And proud of it.