"Women shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get HEALTH CARE."

"I want my daughter to live in a New Zealand THAT RESPECTS HER RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING."


Abortion in Aotearoa

We believe:

That women have a right to choose for themselves whether to continue a pregnancy or seek a termination, without having to ask permission. Abortion is health care.

Abortion Law Reform: Achieved

In March of 2020, supporters of reproductive rights in Aotearoa had an historic victory.

Help! I’m Pregnant

If you think you’re pregnant, your best first step is to get a pregnancy test to confirm. You can buy a test kit at a supermarket or chemist, or visit a doctor or Family Planning clinic.

Abortion: The Facts

Did you know that when our previous law passed in 1977 there were only 4 female MPs in Parliament? Or that 52% of women who have an abortion in New Zealand are already mothers?

Email Your Rage!

We need your help to end the silence around abortion. Tell your MPs what you honestly think, in your own words. When people take the time to communicate with them directly, they pay attention.

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