Help! I’m Pregnant

If you’re unsure, finding it hard to come to a decision, or need more information, then is the place for information about abortion services in Aotearoa New Zealand. has advice about how and when to do a pregnancy test, reputable counselling services, and more. If you’re thinking about having an abortion, there is information about abortion services, abortion care, and how to find a nearby provider. 

Call free on 0800 DECIDE (332 433) from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Live chat is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturdays.

Request a call back using the online contact form.

What you decide to do about a pregnancy is your decision to make. No one has the right to pressure you into continuing the pregnancy or having an abortion. Here is some information to help you decide.

1. Confirm the Pregnancy 

First, confirm the pregnancy with a pregnancy test. The earlier you confirm a pregnancy the more options you have. 

You can use an at-home test, which is reliable (when instructions are followed) and available from:

  • Pharmacies or supermarkets
  • A nurse, doctor or midwife
  • Family Planning clinics
  • School or student health services
  • Sexual health clinics.

You can also visit a GP or a Family Planning clinic for a test. Your visit to Family Planning is free if you are (1) under 22 years old and a New Zealand resident, or (2) over 22, a New Zealand resident, and your pregnancy test is positive.

2. If you want to, speak to an unbiased counsellor

Contact DECIDE, Family Planning or your DHB ask them to refer you to a professional and unbiased counsellor.

If you look for a counsellor online or elsewhere, be aware that there are anti-abortion groups (often calling themselves ‘Pregnancy Crisis Centres’) who will set up counselling sessions with the sole purpose of pressuring or persuading people not to have an abortion.

Check this page for places and hotlines people have reported as anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centres in Aotearoa NZ

3. If you want to terminate the pregnancy

Services are free of charge to those eligible to receive public healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand.

DECIDE, the National Abortion Telehealth Service, will connect people anywhere in the country to abortion information, advice, and counselling over the phone. (You can also phone 0800 DECIDE / 0800 332433.)

You can also phone your closest abortion service or DHB directly – you don’t have to see a doctor first. You can also see if there is a Family Planning clinic near you. 

Not eligible for funded NZ healthcare?

 You can pay for public or private services. If you can’t afford these services, and you’re less than 10 weeks pregnant, you can get pills for a medical abortion here or here.  If you experience medical difficulties, you can seek free advice from DECIDE. If you have other issues, feel free to contact us for advice.