Jan 22nd marks the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that effectively legalised abortion in the USA. It is also the seventh annual Blog for Choice Day in the US, organised by NARAL Pro-Choice America. Over at NARAL’s website there is a huge list of bloggers and activists who have contributed blog posts in honour of the day. Some have responded to this year’s Blog for Choice day question: “What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?”, while others have written more generally about the importance of Roe v. Wade.

I’m working my way through the posts, and thought I’d share a couple of my favourites so far. I’ll add more to this list later today.

Blog for Choice Day! Yes, that choice. Valerie at Capitol Records asks why Roe is still important, and nicely summarises some of the recent challenges to Roe that chip away at the right to choice in the United States.

Make 2012 the Year of the Pro-Choice Voter. Colleen at Get off My Soapbox writes about how important it is for pro-choicers to talk about abortion, and suggests we could learn something from the LGBT movement in terms of personalising the issue and telling our own stories.

First, we’d actually have to find a pro-choice politician. Anna at The Feminist Librarian reframes this years question, and wonders “how do you go about taking action to ‘help elect pro-choice candidates’ when, essentially, you don’t feel there are any pro-choice candidates?”

Blog for Choice: The 2 Battles of Choice. Madeline at Fem 2.0 urges us to “stop hiding sex, contraception and abortion and put it out on the table to discussion and education.”

Blog for Choice Day, a letter of thanks/apology to Roe vs. Wade. Megan at STFY Fauxminist apologises for taking Roe v. Ward for granted.