Today marks the 50th anniversary of ALRANZ’s first AGM on 17 March 1971.

2020 Senior New Zealander of the Year and former ALRANZ President Dame Margaret Sparrow reflected, “This day calls to mind how much has changed, and how long it took to change it.”

She continued, “This is a day to remember all the reproductive rights activists from the past who contributed so much to the cause of abortion law reform. Some are still alive, but some did not live to see change.”

Current ALRANZ President Terry Bellamak said, “Abortion is legal in New Zealand now. Our next challenge will be to ensure access to abortion and contraception is improved, so that all New Zealanders can control their own fertility and exercise bodily autonomy. As the UN Human Rights Committee has affirmed, abortion is a human right.”

New Zealand reformed its abortion laws in March of 2020, decriminalising the procedure and aligning it with other health care.

Parliament is currently considering Louisa Wall’s member’s bill to establish safe areas around abortion services. ALRANZ Supports safe areas.