ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa deplores the Alabama senate’s passage of a bill that makes abortion care illegal even in cases of rape or incest.

“This legislation is draconian and cruel towards women and pregnant people, especially those who have survived rape or incest. It’s almost as though the Alabama senate does not consider women to be people,” said Terry Bellamak, ALRANZ National president.

“In 2016 the UN Special Rapporteur on torture found denial of access to abortion care constitutes torture. It seems evident the USA’s former leadership in civil and human rights is at an end.

“Of course, rape is not a legal ground for abortion care under New Zealand law either, but at least the Government has committed to abortion law reform.

“Everyone deserves the freedom to decide for themselves whether and when to become a parent.

“We expect the New Zealand government to follow through on its commitment to the people of Aotearoa, who overwhelmingly support reproductive rights, according to recent polling by Newshub.”

In New Zealand, abortion is still in the Crimes Act.

ALRANZ wants to reform New Zealand’s laws around abortion care. Under New Zealand’s abortion laws, two certifying consultants must approve every abortion under a narrow set of grounds set out in the Crimes Act. Those grounds do not include rape, nor the most common reasons cited overseas: contraception failure and the inability to support a child.