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Celebrations across New Zealand mark Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

The 28th of September marks the annual Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion across the world. In New Zealand, abortion is still a crime under the Crimes Act (1961) and access and availability vary by region. The current law sees two certifying medical professionals acting as gatekeepers to whether or not a pregnant person can choose an abortion.

This year three cities, Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, will be holding events to mark this occasion, encouraging pro-choice people to come together and show their support for abortion law reform.

Nikki Whyte, member of Auckland Pro-Choice People group and an organiser of the Auckland Pro-Choice Picnic, describes the event as an opportunity for New Zealanders to celebrate choice, the idea that women should have autonomy over their own bodies.

“We have organized a bake sale and will have Alison McCulloch and the Pro-Choice Highway stall there to distribute information and talk about her book, Fighting to Choose. The intention is to have a casual, fun event where people can come along and feel comfortable discussing why our current law is far from choice,” said Whyte.

The Dunedin Reproductive Justice group will also be sponsoring a Pro-Choice Picnic. Sam Allen, a member of the group, said their aims were similar to that of the Auckland Pro-Choice Picnic, to raise awareness in a community setting.

“The idea of a picnic is to create a fun, community-based space for pro-choice people to come together. It is not only about raising awareness of how outdated the current abortion law is but also encourage people to discuss how we can enact change,” said Allen.

The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand’s (ALRANZ) has put together an event called Choicework. ALRANZ National Secretary, Annabel Henderson Morrell said the idea came from a group in the United Kingdom that are looking to use crafting as form of pro-choice activism.

“Having a pro-choice stitch up is a great way to engage people that aren’t necessarily going to come along to a protest, but who are still pro-choice and want an outlet for their voices. It is intended as a creative forum that will hopefully become a regular social event,” said Henderson Morrell.

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