UPDATE: 23 August. This in today’s Southland Express. woo hooo:

ALRANZ, supported by Mothers for Choice, had some great meetings in Dunedin and, mainly, Invercargill this past week and weekend. We made contact with a number of supporters, gained some new ones (and members, yay!) and talked about ways to support the Southland abortion service when it gets under way and/or comes under threat. More detailed reports are yet to come, and will appear here and in ALRANZ’s August newsletter, due out … well … soon. Meanwhile, thanks to prochoice Southlanders for their hospitality, and even to the anti-choice folks who showed up on Thursday night at the meeting and were respectful of it being a ‘safe place’.  (Excepting the person who called one supporter of choice a “Baby Killer” on the street a few days after the meetings.) Here’s one side of the flyer we did for the meeting: