Opposition to abortion not the stance of all Catholics (appeared as an op-ed in the Southland Times but hasn’t been put up on their website)


The Southland Times has sunk to a new low by publishing a half-page article on the opinion page provided by Jon O’Brien, chairman of the spurious American organisation Catholics for Choice. This organisation is not a Catholic organisation, it has no right to claim to speak for Catholics, who mainly support their bishops.
O’Brien is correct when he says Catholics have to obey their conscience, but this presumes that their conscience is informed. No amount of conscience formation can go against the 10 commandments, which clearly state “Thou shalt not kill”. Abortion is killing a human life in the womb, a God-given life, that will never see the light of day.
Shame on what was once a great paper, The Southland Times
V K Smith


The Southland Times has sunk to a new low by publishing a letter by V K Smith. V K Smith was upset that the paper would stoop so low as to publish an opinion piece on the opinion page.
Why was V K Smith so upset? Because the opinion of the writer was different to their own.
The readers of The Southland Times should not have to be exposed to the views and opinions of others. Shame on what was once a great paper.
Nik Horn