Once again, it’s almost time for the annual #40daysofharassment (AKA 40daysforlife). Safe areas did not make it into the abortion law reform legislation last year. So even though abortion is legal now, harassment of patients and providers continues.

Abortion providers work under stressful conditions, often harassed both outside and inside the hospital by both extreme religious busybodies and other workers who do not agree pregnant people should be able to make medical decisions. This season is a good time to remind them how much we appreciate them.

Once again, ALRANZ has started a Givealittle page to fund the gift of beautiful flowers for as many services as we can, starting with the ones that provided the most abortions in the past year. Check out the gorgeous pics from last year – thanks to your generous donations we got flowers for everybody! Let’s do that again!

Click here to contribute to our Givealittle page. And thank you for your support all year round!